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Hardcore - definition of hardcore by The Free Dictionary

Define hardcore. hardcore synonyms, hardcore pronunciation, hardcore translation, English dictionary definition of hardcore. adj. also hard-core 1. Intensely loyal; die-hard: a hardcore secessionist; a hardcore golfer.

hardcore - Dictionary.com

What does hardcore mean? Hardcore means “extreme” or “intense,” like a hardcore gym routine, or a fan of Justin Bieber. It is especially used to reference hardcore punk music or pornography.

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Hard-core | Definition of Hard-core by Merriam-Webster

2 usually hardcore \ ˈhärd- ˌkȯr \, chiefly British : hard material in pieces (such as broken bricks or stone) used as a bottom (as in making roads and in foundations)

What does hardcore mean? - definitions

Wiktionary (4.50 / 2 votes) Rate this definition: hardcore noun. broken bricks, stone and/or other aggregate used as foundations especially in road and path laying. hardcore noun. Hardcore punk or techno music. Let's listen to some hardcore. hardcore adjective. Having an extreme dedication to a certain activity; diehard. He's a hardcore gamer. hardcore adjective

Hard core Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

Usually hardcore. a form of punk rock or other nonmainstream popular music played in an intense, harsh, and fast style with more emphasis on rhythm than on melody.

Why Do We Use the Phrase 'Hard Core'? | Merriam-Webster

When used as a noun meaning "the most devoted and active members of a group," it's 'hard core.' When used as an adjective meaning "very active and enthusiastic," it's 'hard-core'. The musical genre, however, is 'hardcore'.

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Hardcore can mean several things. A genre of music. The most active, committed, or doctrinaire members of a group or movement. Sexually explicit. It's rare that the best definition is from Urban Dictionary, but this is one of those few times. In this case it is slang for cool, rebellious, intense or bad-ass,

Hardcore pornography - Wikipedia

Hardcore pornography, or hardcore porn, is pornography that features detailed depictions of sexual organs or sexual acts such as vaginal, anal or oral intercourse, fingering, anilingus, ejaculation, and fetish play.

What is hard core sex? - Answers

In music the term Hardcore was first used to refer to extreme Punk music...so the answer is The Sex Pistols.